These music lessons are for you and your child, from the
age of 6 months till 4 years. We will sing songs and dance,
make music with suitable instruments for little children and
play lap-games you can easily do at home. The songs we
sing are in Dutch, either new or traditional. The traditional
songs are often sung at kindergartens as well, so your
child might recognize these.

Recognition is the key to feeling safe and creating a good
learning environment in which the child can open up for new
things and start experimenting. This is where we need the
positive stimulation from the parent and teacher, so the
child may grow a good, healthy self-esteem. Singing is fun
and makes things easier to learn, like the Dutch language.

Because we will repeat the songs very often, you and your
child might learn Dutch faster than you think. Of course I
will translate things if necessary either during the class or otherwise after the lesson. Feel free to contact me.
The number is mentioned at "Contact informatie".